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Low carb or keto, why is it so popular?

The Basics



The recent rise in obesity, diabetes and other illnesses has driven more and more people to look for better ways to eat and keep healthy. It seems no coincidence that the growth in obesity has escalated in a similar curve to that of consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar. Eating high amounts of carbohydrates is a relatively new thing. And one thing that the Ketogenic diet or low carb eating isn’t; is a fad! 

Sugar And Blood Glucose



The discovery of insulin and its dual functions, namely;

  • It is the fat storing hormone when in the blood stream
  • In its absence the body is told to start fat-burning 

...had far reaching effects in medicine and also in how weight gain was viewed. 

Weight Loss


The newfound mechanisms of insulin made scientists and nutritional researchers consider that simple calorie-counting was not taking into account the physiology of the body and that to manage a healthy weight you needed to concentrate on why and how the body stored fat. 

It was noticed that those of us that produced little insulin found it hard to put on any weight, even with large amounts of calories. These people were eventually recognised as having type 1 diabetes. One thing it proved was that insulin was the driver behind fat accumulation.



Everybody has sugar in their blood, often referred to as blood glucose levels. Glucose flows in our blood and it will supply energy. But the level of blood glucose is strictly controlled by insulin. 

It should not be too high or too low. Rapid rises in your blood glucose level will wake up the pancreas and it will start to pump insulin into the body and once in the blood stream it signals to the body that it is now time to start storing fat. 

You Check Foods Yourself


We have all probably experienced a ’sugar-high,’ followed by a ‘crash.’ This is insulin doing its job, maintaining a steady level of blood glucose. The problem is that many foods release sugar in too quick a time and often also in too big a quantity.

The great thing is that as this is based on how the body works you can check this for yourself with a simple glucose meter at home. You don't have to listen to 'health-gurus' again!

Avoid High Sugar, Starchy Foods


To this end the type of food consumed and its impact on blood sugar and therefore insulin production, became an important consideration for not only weightloss but other conditions too. The main food group to raise blood sugar quickly is mostly carbohydrate; especially refined grains, starches and wheat. 

About Keto And Low Carb



So we wish to avoid food that raises blood glucose levels quickly, the way carbohydrates do. Therefore a diet low in carbohydrates is safe and will lead to lower blood sugar levels, lower insulin in the body and consequently lower fat storing. The two remaining nutrients, fat and protein are both essential to survival and also (in the right quantities) have much less effect on blood sugar.

Healthy Fats

Fat is not to be avoided. For the last 30 years it’s been known that guidelines that suggested fat might increase heart disease risk was flawed and the New York Times recently discovered documents showing scientists given thousands of dollars to accuse fat instead of sugar as being a culprit.

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BACON and eggs


Our own liver produces saturated fat to provide us energy so common sense would seem to point to saturated fat being a good thing. Healthy fats can be obtained from things like avocado, nuts, meat and butter.

Note: vegetable oils contain no vegetables and are really industrial seed oils. Manufacturers use chemical processes and immense heat to produce these oils and they’re not healthy. Trans-fat is also not healthy (if an oil or food package states something is ‘hydrogenated’ it’s best to avoid)


Protein is used for repair and growth for the body. In the low carb or Keto diets you keep protein to moderate levels. This is because large amounts of protein can’t be stored in the body so if you consume too much the body will convert it to glucose. Protein can be from plant based sources or from animal products. You do not have to be a meat eater to be Keto.



“For healthy people who don't have diabetes and aren't pregnant, ketosis usually kicks in after 3 or 4 days of eating less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. That's about 3 slices of bread, a cup of low-fat fruit yogurt, or two small bananas. You can start ketosis by fasting, too.

Doctors may put children who have epilepsy on a ketogenic diet, a special high-fat, very low-carb and protein plan, because it might help prevent seizures. Adults with epilepsy sometimes eat modified Atkins diets.

Some research suggests that ketogenic diets might help lower your risk of heart disease. Other studies show specific very-low-carb diets help people with metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. Researchers are also studying the effects of these diets on acne, cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and nervous system diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Lou Gehrig's disease.”



Avocado nuts and salmon

It’s Not All Bacon And Butter!

The point of the way of eating is to avoid refined carbohydrates (or anything that raises blood glucose to a spike and quickly too)

This means many foods that some may considered ‘bad,’ are fine. Common sense should tell you that vegetables and nuts are fine.

Folic acid folate vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables

The fantastic nutritional benefits that are yielded from green leafy vegetables can not be underestimated. Cooked or raw. If cooked in coconut oil or butter or raw with a drizzle of olive oil. 

Carrots and other veg

Sweet Vegetables

Some people can cope with the sweeter vegetables such as carrots and parsnips. Only once you’ve started eating this way will you be able to judge how you cope with the additional sweetness of some vegetables, for example sweet corn.

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Insulin Index

Insulin Index T2D T1D and low carb food reference tables

This is a very basic look at the insulin response to the most frequently requested food queries we have. It is not the same as the glycemic index.

Omega 3 Sources


Omega 3 doesn't just come from fish.

Vitamin C


It's not just from Oranges!

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