The Basics

Keto Low Carb nutrient split

Low Carb, Keto and Variations

The recent rise in obesity, diabetes and other illnesses has driven more and more people to look for better ways to eat and keep healthy. It seems no coincidence that the growth in obesity has escalated in a similar curve to that of consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar.

The discovery of insulin and its dual function as the fat storing hormone when present and in its absence making the body fat-burning, has made scientists and nutritional researchers consider that simple calorie counting was not the best way to manage a healthy weight.

Rapid rises in blood glucose levels pump insulin into the body and signal fat storing. To this end the type of food consumed and it’s impact on blood sugar and therefore insulin production, became an important consideration for not only weightloss but other conditions too. The main food group to raise blood sugar quickly is mostly carbohydrate; especially refined grains, starches and wheat. There are no essential carbohydrates.

Therefore a diet low in carbohydrates would lead to lower blood sugar levels, lower insulin in the body and consequently lower fat storing. The two remaining nutrients, fat and protein are both essential to survival and also (in the right quantities) have much less effect on blood sugar.

Healthy Fats

Fat is not to be avoided. For the last 30 years it’s been known that guidelines that suggested fat might increase heart disease risk was flawed and the New York Times recently discovered documents showing scientists given thousands of dollars to accuse fat instead of sugar as being a culprit. 

Our own liver produces saturated fat to provide us energy so common sense would seem to point to saturated fat being a good thing. Healthy fats can be obtained from things like avocado, nuts, meat and butter.

Note: vegetable oils contain no vegetables and are really industrial seed oils. Manufacturers use chemical processes and immense heat to produce these oils and they’re not healthy. Trans-fat is also not healthy (if an oil or food package states something is ‘hydrogenated’ it’s best to avoid)


Protein is used for repair and growth for the body. In the low carb or Keto diets you keep protein to moderate levels. This is because large amounts of protein can’t be stored in the body so if you consume too much the body will convert it to glucose. Protein can be from plant based sources or from animal products. You do not have to be a meat eater to be Keto. 

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Eating low carb or Keto is easy. Most people find the increased intake of vegetables gives them a boost in energy and often reported benefits include better skin, clearer thinking and a general improved sense of well being.

The leafy green vegetables can in the early days increase gas and for those that avoided greens the stomach can feel bloated for a few days. All of these side effects will lessen over time as you adapt to living of less sugar (sugar is a carbohydrate.)

We offer plenty of recipes in our book on Amazon and we will be featuring more video and PDF download recipes here.

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Disease Reversal

There a little untold amounts of people online, authors of books and medical doctors talking about how Keto or low carb lifestyles has reversed obesity, diabetes and other chronic inflammation type conditions. It does seem sense that type 2 diabetes would respond well as this condition is mainly down to the body becoming resistant to the insulin signaling. Anything that lowers blood sugar and thus decreases circulating insulin is surely going to make the condition easier to control.